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Guiding Your Body to Transformation

My aim in teaching is for my clients to achieve transformation both internally and externally. I have a double-pronged approach to attain this goal. Foremost, I work with clients on a physical plane to address concerns and outline desired results. I support this with another key component in wellbeing, which is nutrition. As well as moving the body, it is essential to nourish it from within. This method ensures that we can use your body's intelligence to its best advantage and ultimately to guide and transform you.

My experience and learning across a spectrum of practices enables me to draw from many different areas and modalities to bring each client exactly what he or she might need. Whether the intention is weight loss, increased fitness or flexibility, easing pain or realigning the body, I can design a programme to effectively achieve the goal.

The environment in my studio in South Kensington is more like a sanctuary than a gym. Each session is private and tranquil. There are no other clients in the space and no distractions.

I believe in a hands-on approach to guide and assist the client to find effective positioning and get the most out of each movement practice. I have considerable experience working with clients who have suffered with chronic pain, and have developed an effective technique to release pressure and aches, reducing and ultimately eliminating the initial problem. I have also engaged in significant healing work on a personal level and many clients have told me they feel a beneficial energy shift and healing when working with me.

Together, we will draw from the practices of Pilates, Gyrotonic® , Gyrokinesis® , Kinesis, Yamuna® Body Rolling, Reiki, Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang, Universal Healing, Bioresonance, nutrition and naturopathic nutrition to find the movements, exercises and regime best suited to you. 


Total body consultations

Total body consultation including posture alignment analysis to create an individual, tailormade therapeutic exercise programme using Pilates, Gyrotonic® , Gyrokinesis® and Yamu-na® Body Rolling techniques.

Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®

The benefits of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® practice involving three-dimensional movements include a more supple and healthier spine, an increased range of motion, improved agility and athletic performance and deeper internal strength.

Private fully equipped Pilates studio

Pilates focuses on strengthening the body with an emphasis on the core. It concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility and incorporates a mind-body connection with attention to breathing and body awareness.

Yamuna® Body Rolling

The practice of Yamuna® focuses on body sustainability, with the rolling element enabling deep muscle penetration to release areas of tension resulting in a feeling of freedom in the body.


A variety of treatments are available to complement the therapeutic exercise programme including Bioresonance and Naturopathic Nutrition, Kinesis Myofascial release, Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurvedic Massage and Macronics.

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