About me



My passion and commitment to exercise began at the age of six when I was chosen to compete in the esteemed Soviet Gymnastics Program. I was dedicated and worked hard; practices that I implement in my training even now. By the age of 10 I had become a national and international gymnastics champion.

Soon after, I sustained an injury that put an end to my gymnastics career and left me in a rehabilitation hospital for two years. I was told I would never be able to take part in any physical activities again and wouldn't even be able to ride a bicycle. I refused to believe it and pushed myself to new limits, testing my will power and determination.

A few years later I became a national champion in Sports Aerobic and Open International Sports Aerobics. I graduated with a degree in Sports Science at the same time, and presented a daily aerobics programme. In 1999 I was crowned Lithuanian Sportswomen of the Year.

Always wanting to learn more and develop further, I went on to study various forms of exercise and now hold qualifications in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Kinesis, Yamuna Body Rolling, Reiki, Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang, Universal Healing, Bioresonance, nutrition and naturopathic nutrition.

I decided to open a private practice in South Kensington in 2006 to use my learning and skills to benefit others. My vision as a trainer is to empower and help heal. I incorporate all of the practices I have experienced to create a bespoke programme for each client, that focuses on caring for the body and mind both inside and out.

A training session could involve components from each of the practices in which I am qualified, or could focus on just one. Every client is different in their needs, physicality and expectation and no two people have the same requirements. Sessions are not about engaging in specific exercises, but more a journey in movement and wellbeing.


Degree in Sports Science from the University of Lithuanian Sport University 1995

Nutritional Therapist Diploma CNM - January 2020

Certified Bioresonance Practitioner 2018

Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course 2019

Gyrotonic Level II Course 2019

Yamuna ® yoga 2019

Yamuna ® yoga 2018


Usui Reiki Second Degree 2014

Yamuna Body Rolling foot fitness 2015

Yamuna Body Rolling Training Program 2014

Universal Healing Tao System - Cosmic Healing 2014

Gyrotonic Continuing Education 2014

Gyrotonic Level II Course, Program 1 Certification 2014

Ayurveda Spa Therapy Foundation Level 2012

Gyrotonic Certification Jumping-Stretching Board 2012

Gyrotonic Level II Course 2010

Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course 2010

Kinesis Body3 Series 2008

Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course 2010

Kinesis Body3 Series 2008

Pilates Based Fundamental Matwork Certification Course 2005

Australian Pilates Method Association APMA 2005


Thanks to regular visits to Ingrida, my posture has improved greatly, as has my overall flexibility and energy level. In the past, I had developed a bad habit of slouching as I walked, leading with my head and looking like an imitation of a turtle. Those days are over. It is a pleasure to be one of her loyal clients. B.P.